J E T - 1 1

Imagine innovation in your everyday essentials. The JET-11 collection of fine leather goods collection was created for professionals and fashion forward travelers who need accessories to compliment their taste and lifestyle.

Fusing American craftsmanship with innovative technology to redefine luxury goods. The JET-11 collection was designed to seamlessly integrate your mobile devices and enhance your digital lifestyle. Each piece is made by hand using sustainable techniques. The components of the collection include: sustainable leathers and metal hardware. 

Conceived in the heart of New York, JET-11 draws inspiration from the industrial elegance of New York City contrasted with an architectural sensibility.



Designed for the modern professional, JET-11 fine leather pieces will upgrade your traditional electronic accessories and allow you to travel light and travel in style. Our sleek designs have been engineered with the highest craftsmanship using the finest leathers and hardware available.

Designed with you in mind our essentials will enhance your daily travel experience. After careful consideration of the needs of modern professionals the 11 essential leather pieces were introduced.

  1. Passport Case
  2. Cardholder
  3. Wallet
  4. Mobile Phone Case
  5. Portfolio Folder
  6. Document Holder
  7. Lap top case
  8. Travel Satchel
  9. Small Pouch
  10. Tote Bag
  11. Duffle Bag



J E T - 1 1 Leather goods are crafted from environmentally conscious raw materials including overstock leathers and fabrics sourced from European suppliers, natural paints, and a strict ethical labor practice we would like to share with the world how a traditional craft has been retrofitted for sustainability in the 21st century.